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JJ Abrams Wants to Ruin The Star Trek Franchise

I’ve always thought Abrams was suspect. But when the guy who commandeered the “Star Trek” franchise says he “never liked Star Trek” because it was “too philosophical” (REALLY? That was largely the POINT of Star Trek) my feeling is–yup, he’s just an artful Hollywood chop-shopper. He’s good at what he does, but there’s not much to him as more than an artful storyteller. I’m not even a huge Trekkie; I was always more into Rod Serling’s work, which was less over the top and didn’t have William Shatner’s silly theatrics but was still thematically strong and well ahead of its time. But man, despite his flaws, Gene Roddenberry tried to bring television and the speculative genre forward in a lot of respects and introduced thoughtful topics and ethnic and gender diversity to areas of popular fiction that were lacking in both–let’s face it, the entire society was lacking in both. I wanted to check out the movie, now I wanna wait for video because I don’t wanna give that dope any of my money. A director who so clearly represents the victory of style over substance shouldn’t have taken over this particular franchise. He’s apparently trying to get rid of the old memorabilia and replace it with stuff from his new attempt at a self-styled media empire…shame on you, Abrams.