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We Must Not Let This Become A Worst Case Scenario


Though the predictive aspects of First Cause have been pointed out, and I am sadly not terribly surprised by anything that’s transpired in the past week, we must always remember that every day and every moment gives (many of us, surely most of the ones in a position to be reading this post) us a chance to slightly improve the human condition, even if only in our little sphere. Far too many people cannot say the above–far more than many of us would believe, or care to know–so history, and humanity, in a very real sense, hinges on the decisions of those of us in a position to create big or small changes in our small tidal pool of the human ocean. Continue reading


We Are All The Same Species

Dear readers,

As terrible and jarring as the events at the Boston Marathon may have been, it is important to ponder one salient reality.

Unfortunately–and this must NOT be taken to diminish the seriousness or sadness of the attack–Monday’s event was far from unique. Things exactly like it happen all the time, practically every week somewhere in the world. This is all the more reason why the proper response is not to divide, but instead to unite. Not just as a country, but as a species. We have to figure out why our species can’t stop this kind of thing from happening, and the answer lies not with one country or demographic but at the heart of the salient elements of the human condition. Residents of other cities and countries, whose weddings and playgrounds and offices and nightclubs and buses have been bombed more times than they can count (including, yes, by our drones and missiles), have expressed sympathy and solidarity with those directly affected by the Boston Marathon incident; this is the path to our species’ salvation and progression, not calls to target any population or to turn someone’s country into a parking lot. Continue reading

Panic and scapegoating are the enemies of progress

Whatever the answer is to who did this particular thing, it must be remembered that MANY people and types of people have done similar things and countless groups, individuals or organizations could have done this. The desire to target any specific demographic based on this kind of thing is illogical and dangerous. I hope this developing situation doesn’t get any worse, and I hope those affected recover as much and as well as is possible…