Panic and scapegoating are the enemies of progress

Whatever the answer is to who did this particular thing, it must be remembered that MANY people and types of people have done similar things and countless groups, individuals or organizations could have done this. The desire to target any specific demographic based on this kind of thing is illogical and dangerous. I hope this developing situation doesn’t get any worse, and I hope those affected recover as much and as well as is possible…

Interviews With Scifi Author Paul West

Cover of First Cause

Cover of First Cause

In two in-depth interviews with DJ Kory on the BreakThru Radio show Book Talk, author Paul West talks about First Cause, its themes and its inspirations. Paul & Kory also chat about music, politics, sports, society and some of their favorite artists and authors. You can download both podcasts as mp3s (listen to them on itunes or Windows Media Player) and listen to them for free. Continue reading

Drop In On PDub’s Sports Hub!

Hey readers, if you happen to also be sports fans, I’ve got a new blog called PDub’s Sports Hub: Between & Outside The Lines With Paul West. I’ll be discussing matters related to sports, both on an off the field: strategy, predictions, sports-related social issues such as gender and ethnicity and of course my favorite NYC area sports teams. Stop by and check it out, follow along and feel free to engage me on any of the topics I cover! My latest piece is on the joyful March Madness tale surrounding the Florida Gulf Coast Eagles.

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Happy World Book Day!

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Check out my NL East Preview on Fox Sports Radio!

Hi all! Check out the podcast for my first appearance on First Sports with Steve Bortstein, where I break down the 2013 National League East and make my predictions as a representative of Through the Fence Baseball!

@firstcausenyc is today’s guest on #scifichat onTwitter!

I’m today’s guest on #SciFiChat on Twitter, at 3pm EST, and the topic is “Social Science Fiction”–drop in and chat with us! My Twitter handle is @firstcausenyc . Join the conversation via this link:

Paul West will be on Fox Sports Radio tomorrow morning!

Paul West, author of First Cause

Paul West, author of First Cause

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As my foray into sports writing advances, I might occasionally include announcements about my sports-related appearances on the First Cause blog. As such, see below for the official shoutout from Through The Fence Baseball! You can read my TTF articles at

Tune in tomorrow, Tuesday 2/20/13, at 10am EST to hear Paul West talk NL East baseball on First Sports with Steve Bortstein! Paul will be representing Through The Fence Baseball; he and Steve will discuss players, teams and predictions for the 2013 season. Just click the “Listen Live” button at the top of the homepage, or tune into Fox Sports New Mexico at AM1340/93.9FM!