We Must Not Let This Become A Worst Case Scenario


Though the predictive aspects of First Cause have been pointed out, and I am sadly not terribly surprised by anything that’s transpired in the past week, we must always remember that every day and every moment gives (many of us, surely most of the ones in a position to be reading this post) us a chance to slightly improve the human condition, even if only in our little sphere. Far too many people cannot say the above–far more than many of us would believe, or care to know–so history, and humanity, in a very real sense, hinges on the decisions of those of us in a position to create big or small changes in our small tidal pool of the human ocean.

The writing of First Cause was inspired by events like the ones unfolding in Boston, which are unfortunately neither unique nor particularly unusual for many people in the world of today or yesterday. The Luceri were made ethnically indeterminate hybrids (like Chechnyans, among many other ethnicities) for a reason; the juxtaposition of our best and worst aspects was deliberate, and is now being echoed in the events subsequent to the Boston Marathon attack as well as events around the country. We are at a pivot-point in the progression of events, at a national and international level…wherever you are, whomever you are, whatever your view of any particular event or rivalry, please try to be a net positive where your fellow humans are concerned. Don’t engage in profiling, attacking or hassling people based on their apparent ethnicity. Don’t contribute to “circle the wagons” nationalism or ethnocentrism. Our species must embrace its collective human-ness, or it will not be here for very long. The world is getting smaller, history is accelerating, and the stakes get higher every day. We can no longer afford to continue to repeat the mistakes that got us here as a species, as a country or as part of any particular real or imaginary subdivision of humankind.

All of this is to day: don’t attack anyone based on who  they appear to be. The world, sadly, has not changed, but instead persisted on the course it’s been following for a long time. But it doesn’t have to. Go hug somebody. Have a level-headed conversation about the condition of things. It’s a start.

About Paul West

Born and raised in New York City, Paul West is the Editor in Chief of Pdub’s Sports Hub, the author of First Cause, and an educator and coach. Paul teaches Sports & Society and Speculative Fiction & Society at the Master Teacher’s Collective. Paul has been a Mets, Knicks, and Rangers fan since the early ’80s; he believes in instant replay, and once turned a web-gem double play on Keyspan Field. You can follow Paul on twitter at @firstcausenyc View all posts by Paul West

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