Panic and scapegoating are the enemies of progress

Whatever the answer is to who did this particular thing, it must be remembered that MANY people and types of people have done similar things and countless groups, individuals or organizations could have done this. The desire to target any specific demographic based on this kind of thing is illogical and dangerous. I hope this developing situation doesn’t get any worse, and I hope those affected recover as much and as well as is possible…

About Paul West

Born and raised in New York City, Paul West is the Editor in Chief of Pdub’s Sports Hub, the author of First Cause, and an educator and coach. Paul teaches Sports & Society and Speculative Fiction & Society at the Master Teacher’s Collective. Paul has been a Mets, Knicks, and Rangers fan since the early ’80s; he believes in instant replay, and once turned a web-gem double play on Keyspan Field. You can follow Paul on twitter at @firstcausenyc View all posts by Paul West

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