In light of the tragedy in CT

In light of today’s CT shooting–and, really, countless things that happen every damn day all around the world–today’s quote of the day seemed like a good fit…

“it may be that—human beings are arriving at a point in their evolution where we’re beginning to understand the way we work to a point where we may be able to break into the cycle, you know, the cycle of—disconnectedness—that we pass on

from one generation to another…I have a feeling that we have it within our grasp to catch up with ourselves and to actually affect our evolution by using our brains, and our hearts, and our minds, and maybe that’s what religion is, and maybe that’s what art is—maybe that’s the point of it, you know, maybe that’s the point of this movie, maybe that’s the point of all art, or writing, or whatever—maybe it’s all part of the process of us—of human beings trying to evolve to the point where we can kind of get a grip on this stuff and say, we no longer to, you know, go and murder the chimpanzee next door…”
Roger Waters
Cover of First Cause: A Novel About Human Possibility

Cover of First Cause


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