Worlds of Wonder Author Hop, Day 6: Interview With President Cyrus Reardon

Hi again, and welcome to the next First Cause contribution to the Worlds of Wonder. In today’s stop, we’re going to read a Q&A with President Cyrus Reardon. This hypothetical interview will be presumed to take place during the events of the First Cause Terranaut Trilogy.

Mister President, why do you think you were chosen to lead in this crisis?

Still getting used to that ‘Mister President’ thing. I think, honestly, because I’m single. They wouldn’t want someone down in a bunker with a family above ground; the assumption would be that that would condition the decision making. And they wouldn’t want the distractions of a family down here…I’m not saying the argument makes sense, but then again, a lot of politics doesn’t really make sense when you think about it.

You’re known as a politician who isn’t fond of his peers.

That pretty much nails it. I got into politics–this sounds like something people just say, but I mean it–to change it from the inside. I can’t stand most politicians, and I don’t like their circles. Probably why I’m still single. I mean, where would I meet anybody? I don’t really have a ton of friends, either.

Does leading a relatively solitary existence prepare you for leading the government from inside a bunker?

Nothing prepares you for leading the government from inside a bunker. It’s been a heck of a thing, really. I’ve learned a lot in these past few weeks.

What have you learned?

I’ve learned to be more of an internationalist, first of all. It isn’t that I didn’t care about the world at large before, but I think I was always focused on solving the problems that existed within American society. This crisis–it really showed me that the same problems exist in different forms all over the world. Of course, there are problems specific to American society–for example, the specific nature of the scapegoating we’ve seen after the attacks, it’s similar to scapegoating in other places but directed at people in different ways and for different reasons here. But–I guess I was in politics for years, but I was really just flailing around. I had principles, and beliefs, and a strong ethical sense, but I didn’t really have a central rudder. I don’t have one now, but at least now, I’m aware that I didn’t have one before. Another thing: I’ve learned that I still really hate politics.

Will you leave politics after this crisis ends?

I don’t know when it well end, first of all. I don’t know how it will end, or even if there is an end, the way a lot of things just end. I think that I have a talent for politics, or at least for leadership…there are things in my life that have made me want to stay out of things, and things in my life that have made me want to get more involved in things. That’s my problem, really. I’ve always wanted mostly to attack poverty and division in American society, but I didn’t always have the patience to deal with the larger issues linked around poverty and division. I wasn’t enough of a big picture thinker. That’s definitely changed now. So…I guess no, I won’t leave politics. In a way, it’s increased my passion for politics.

Does that mean you’re hopeful for the future?

That’s a hard question to answer. I mean, if I really had that much hope, I wouldn’t feel compelled to try so hard to change things. But if I didn’t have any hope at all, I guess I wouldn’t bother. My increased passion for politics probably comes from a feeling that my understanding of things has improved a bit…the things people have done during the past few weeks have been both disgraceful and inspiring. I wouldn’t say I’m any more or less hopeful just yet.

Last question: do you believe the story in the letters?

Good grief…at this point, I think I do. A trusted friend has met Adam and Angela, and he believes their story–and he’s not an easy man to hoodwink. The mounting evidence is hard to deny. I guess everyone’s world just got a little bigger.

Cover of First Cause: A Novel About Human Possibility

Cover of First Cause

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3 responses to “Worlds of Wonder Author Hop, Day 6: Interview With President Cyrus Reardon

  • kimberlykcomeau

    How many point of view characters are in this book? How long (in pages) is this story?

  • firstcauseproject

    Hi Kimberly,

    The book has a handful of POV-type characters, but it’s told in a third party narrative. First Cause begins in flashback mode, where we meet Adam and Angela and the rest of the main characters; about a third of the way in, the threads merge, and it moves forward as one storyline. For the most part, I’ve been told it’s a smooth read, though I know the flashback thing isn’t for everyone! It’s about 350 pages, though the word count might be more instructive: it’s about 85,000 words…

  • kym amaral

    Thanks ! Merry CHristmas ~

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