Worlds of Wonder Author Hop, Day 1: Quotes From Reviews of First Cause

Hi, and welcome to my first stop on this week’s Worlds of Wonder Author Hop! I hope you enjoy your stop here; please check below for the other stops on the Hop.

I’m glad to say that my debut novel, First Cause, has been well received by a broad spectrum of readers around the country–and even the world. Below are some excerpts from readers’ reviews:

  • “The second chapter of West’s novel opens with a quotation: ‘It requires a very unusual mind to undertake an analysis of the obvious.’ The unusual mind, here, is the author’s; the analysis of the obvious is what he undertakes in his debut novel, with extraordinary results.”
  • “There can be no doubt that this work is not just science fiction with all of its possibilities, but social commentary as well.”
  • “In his deeply imagined first novel, Paul West creates a world that is both familiar and unknown.”
  • “The themes and ideas of First Cause have surfaced in many of my recent conversations, as they certainly connect to our daily realities.”
  • “Science Fiction is only the background for this psychological page-turner, which tests your perception of what can be achieved by the human race.”
  • “As with some of the best science fiction, the most “sci-fi” part of the book is the premise, which merely acts to set up a world co-inhabited by “aliens” in which an altogether human drama takes place.”
  • “The book tackles subjects like social justice, philosophy, political corruption, the ultimate human potential…a race who attains “human perfection” are still unable to overcome some hard wired human flaws.”
  • “It’s an exciting read for anyone whether they enjoy science fiction or not. If not for the fact of the Luceri being an advanced offshoot of humanity who left the planet, this really would not read as a science fiction novel. It does not contain any far-fetched technology or a lot of technobabble. It’s a book anyone can read and enjoy. I look forward to Mr. West’s next book.”
  • First Cause is a complex web of a story.”
  • First Cause is a cracking start thanks to its ideas and the themes it explores. This is a thoughtful and intelligent science fiction thriller and an excellent first effort. I eagerly await its sequel.”
Cover of First Cause: A Novel About Human Possibility

Cover of First Cause

Thanks for reading! Come back tomorrow, for the next stop on the Hop: a Q&A interview with author Paul West.

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