Breaking News on the First Cause Relaunch Tour!

Cover of First Cause: A Novel About Human Possibility

Cover of First Cause

This Monday, September 17th: I’ll be appearing on Ali Talks Live, with Alicia Justice. We’ll be talking about writing, science fiction, music, sports and other topics. You can listen here:

On Sunday, October 21st, I’ll be doing a live reading and book signing! It will be at the Swift Hibernian Lounge, at 34 East 4th Street, from 2:50-5pm. The official event page is here:

Please check out the above appearances, and spread the word. In the meantime, I’m also a staff writer for two sports blogs: Through The Fence Baseball and Tarnation Sports! The links to my articles are here:

Remember, the official Facebook page and Twitter pages for First Cause are listed below, in the signature. I appreciate your support, I would love to hear your thoughts on First Cause, and I look forward to seeing you at the reading & signing if you’re here in NYC.

Thanks for reading!



About Paul West

Paul West offers thoughtful analysis of on-field and off-field sports topics via PDub's sports Hub, and for years was a core staff writer for Through The Fence Baseball. A recurrent guest on Fox Sports Radio New Mexico, Paul is available for radio and other media appearances. To follow Paul on @firstcausenyc on Twitter, visit View all posts by Paul West

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