A Few Words About the Terranaut Diaries

About the Terranaut Diaries

As many of you know (and for those who don’t yet, I’ll try to avoid spoilers), the Terranauts are the advance scouts/troops/infiltrators for the enormous undertaking known as the Terra Project. The Terra Project is many things, and its motivations are hard to simplify, but we do know that it’s orchestrated by five disparate Luceri, who collectively refer to themselves as the Directors.

Some of my readers—including some of my thoughtful beta-readers—expressed an interest in learning more about the Directors, the Terranauts, and the Luceri in general. They wanted to know more of their history, their motivations, their relationships—in short, what makes them tick…

In the story of the Directors, and the Terra Project in general, we see a number of things that have precedent in actual human history: good intentions leading to bad policies, intelligent and forward-thinking people becoming embroiled in long-range plans that they come to question, and the fact that history is often more driven by personalities than by ideas. We see the successes and failure of coalitions; we see the undertow of extreme and charismatic personalities, and how said undertow can exert a negative influence on otherwise intelligent people; we see the inclination of intelligent people to behave stupidly and myopically under group duress; and we see how progress can proceed from grim surroundings, just as seemingly ideal surroundings can produce forces that would cause us to regress. In short, we see how nothing about the human condition—progress, despair, success, idealism, cooperation, even struggle—can be taken for granted.

With the Terranaut Diaries, readers and fans will get a peek behind the scenes of the greater backdrop of the Terra Project. The Terranaut Diaries begin with Levandra, because she is the most clearly controversial of the Directors and the most obvious ‘loose cannon’ of their lot. Through her diary entries, we get an idea of the unseen trajectory of the hawkish, acquisitive, vitriolic personality that alters the course of an already questionably conceived Project. Later in the Diaries, we’ll see entries that aren’t diaries, per se; they’ll be anecdotes, scenes and flashbacks from the lives of the terrestrials’ first cousins, whose forbears left us behind out of (mainly legitimate) disgust. You’ll get an idea of how a historically good idea can go terribly wrong, and you’ll hopefully be intrigued enough to re-engage the Terranaut Trilogy when it resumes in the form of a second book.

Thank you for reading; I hope you enjoy my work. You can find First Cause on Amazon here.



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