Quote of the Day, 7/31/12

Today’s Quote of the Day:

“If the price of being a lady is to earn 73 cents and hour less as a selector-packer than as a forklift truck operator, then we are going to take the 73 cents and the forklift. If having our cigarettes lighted and our doors opened means we earn half as much as the man who does those things for us, then we will open our own doors and carry our own matches, and lady be damned.”

Ann London Scott

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3 responses to “Quote of the Day, 7/31/12

  • E A M Harris

    Personally I want the 73 cents and the door opened.

    • firstcauseproject

      Haha fair enough. A lotta women’s empowerment advocates might disagree, but that’s why these are food for thought 🙂 I’m something of a quasi-feminist, myself (I’ve been called a feminist, and my opinions largely align, but I tend to avoid being lumped in with most ‘ists’, so there you go), or at least strongly egalitarian-inclined. I think people should hold doors for each other and be kind to each other in general!

      • E A M Harris

        I agree with you over the ‘hold doors and be kind to each other in general’. Having a recognised order (women first, older people before younger etc) just helps this go more smoothly and stops the embarrassing pauses while people try and work out if they have the nerve to go first or should hang back.

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