“Gun sales spike in Colorado”…wow.

In response to this unsurprising but impossibly stupid response to a gun-related tragedy, I’ll just repost my earlier thoughts on the gun nuts:

Can you imagine if a bunch of panicked dopes had all pulled out, in a dark and crowded theater, and started trying to shoot the guy who was shooting? Some of them would have shot the wrong people–not to mention, with multiple people shooting, now who knows WHO the original shooter is? And with the original shooter armored up, the odds are fair to middling they wouldn’t have done enough damage to stop him. If anything, maybe someone could have caught him with his back turned–apparently, he was slow and methodical about it–and tried to tackle him; shooting in a dark theater at a guy wearing all black, amongst a packed crowd of people in panic mode, sounds just about as stupid as stupid could be.



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Paul West offers thoughtful analysis of on-field and off-field sports topics via PDub's sports Hub, and for years was a core staff writer for Through The Fence Baseball. A recurrent guest on Fox Sports Radio New Mexico, Paul is available for radio and other media appearances. To follow Paul on @firstcausenyc on Twitter, visit http://twitter.com/firstcausenyc View all posts by Paul West

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