Another aside: thoughts on Penn State…

What happened at Penn State mirrors what happened in the Catholic Church, among other places. This is because far too many people elevated college football to quasi-religious status, paving the way for its protection being seen as supremely important. When an institution supersedes its human consequences, there is always danger; when an institution supersedes its human consequences to the extent of willfully overlooking persistent and entrenched brutality, that institution needs to be knocked to earth. Every young player who has committed to Penn State employee should be free to pursue their athletic and professional goals elsewhere; their future and opportunities need not be compromised. But the statue needed to come down, because of its confluence with the events; to many, the statue was as synonymous with institutional brutality as the flag of one’s oppressors is to colonized or brutalized populations. And this institution needed to be reminded that sports institutions–and many of you know how dearly I love sports–cannot possibly supersede humanistic considerations.


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Paul West offers thoughtful analysis of on-field and off-field sports topics via PDub's sports Hub, and for years was a core staff writer for Through The Fence Baseball. A recurrent guest on Fox Sports Radio New Mexico, Paul is available for radio and other media appearances. To follow Paul on @firstcausenyc on Twitter, visit View all posts by Paul West

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