The Terranaut Diaries: Levandra, 1/20/1993

(concurrent with the events in First Cause)


I can barely control it anymore. The frustration–the burning urge to leap across the table and pull her from her chair. I can barely stand to look at her, so I write these words instead of ripping her eyes from the sockets.

Even worse than her pathetic equivocation is how Thurondro defers to her.  I ask myself if he could possibly respect her. I can only believe that he is duty bound to maintain cohesion, and this is why he holds me back, keeps me from reminding her that she holds US back. This is his weakness, his need to entertain opinions that do not bear entertaining. This is what holds him back from realizing the greatness he is on the verge of creating. I will help him. And when we have succeeded–when the time comes–she will suffer with the rest of them. I must remind myself that they are only in the way for now.

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