As an aside, my thoughts on the incident in Aurora, Colorado

People compare this to Columbine, but I don’t know how accurate that is. Columbine could have been predicted; it’s because people still see bullying as a rite of passage, and physical bullying is even more widespread now because women now are free to exhibit ‘formerly male’ behavior and the internet etc gives people more chances to be creative with their bullying. Lots of people’s middle/high school lives are more hellish than I’d care to endure for a week, much less years (watch a documentary on bullying, or just google it; you can understand why some of those kids wanna shoot someone), and many of them would go to school spraying bullets if they could. If you’ve ever seen or read Carrie, that’s basically Columbine written in more cinematically dramatic form & using telekinesis. Columbine was the logical conclusion of situations that are replayed all over the country. Whereas that movie theater shooting…sitting in a movie theater, watching a frakin Batman flick, I mean, that’s just hard to see coming. To me, it’s an argument in favor of weapons control–but I already know how & why many people disagree. The lesson here: the world ain’t right, and you should always be aware of your surroundings. And count your blessings, as the saying goes, because you never know when sh-t will jump off and get real in a hurry.

My sympathies to the poor folks in Aurora, Colorado, who just thought it would be cool to see a midnight show.


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