Spread the word! Support the First Cause Kickstarter relaunch project!

I’ve just been approved for a fundraising project with Kickstarter, an website designed to fund concrete projects for people whose creative dreams need an extra push. I was recently invited to be a literary guest at FandomFest, a speculative fiction convention in Louisville; the attendance is expected to be in the thousands, and this will be a great chance to put First Cause on the national literary map! I would LOVE to show up to FandomFest with 50 copies of First Cause, with the new cover art (which hasn’t yet been released in paperback form, for budgetary reasons); this is where Kickstarter comes in! The staff at Kickstarter approved my project, which is a fundraising push for $700 for the costs of printing enough copies to launch the latest edition and have an awesome convention.

Amazingly, I’m already just over halfway towards my goal! But it’s an ALL or NOTHING proposition, meaning if I don’t reach my goal of $700 pledged, then I get NOTHING 😦 Think of it as similar to when people raise money for triathlons and races; the goal isn’t just a general suggestion, it’s a required amount. So spread the word! If everybody kicks in 5 bucks, even, then my first literary guest appearance at a national convention will be supported by a huge fleet of paperbacks!

If you like First Cause, if you want to see your favorite loquacious lefty become a successful author–spread the word! Also, any small amount–literally even five bucks makes a difference–you can pledge would be humongously appreciated. And when I bring my book tour back to NYC, you guys will all get a drink on me. No, really–my original release party, for the first edition a couple of years ago (with no frakin’ cover art, how far I’ve come!!), was open bar and food for the entire night…if this kickstarter thing works, and First Cause goes anywhere, I plan to go BIG with the next celebration. But first things first: pledge any small amount you can, spread the word to as many people as you can, and thank you for reading 🙂

Here’s the link to the project:


Thanks for reading! Next stop, the best seller list!



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